Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hardcore Preaching

>It's not the hard-core music that does it at all. People may join
>because they like hardcore music, shelter, etc, but they soon leave
>again because Krishna consciousness is not at all about hardcore or
>being a rock star...

First of all I want to tell you, hardcore has nothing to do with being a rock star. That's what hardcore is all about rejecting the rock star attitude, not to drink, not to be a bastard. It's about taking care of your self and others. to show respect and compassion to all living things. It's not about being some star the feels his better than everyone else. i think you got it all wrong. If you had been to a hardcore show you would have understand.

>You will never become Krishna conscious by listening to hardcore
>music. It is sense gratification.

I think Ray Cappa (singer of Shelter), Vrahja kishor das (guitarist of 108), Porcell (guitariist of shelter) and a lot of others has proved that you can become Krishna conscious by listening to hardcore. What they practicly are doing is chanting but not to the ordinary Indian music but to hardcore punk music.

Hardcore Preaching