Thursday, July 28, 2005

Interview: Porcell

It's human nature that people tend to fear what they don't understand. If you walk into a dark room, you'll feel anxiety because you don't know if there's anything in there that can hurt you or not, but as soon as you turn on the light and see that everything is fine, the anxiety goes. That's how I think it was with Shelter at first. People had no idea what the Krishna beliefs were, and unfairly labeled it a cult, boycotted shows, wrote inane crap about what they "thought" we were about in zines, etc. Over the years though people became much more accepting of it, to the point where practically every kid in the scene had neck beads on and "Krsnacore" became the rising wave. Basically I think kids took the time to read the lyrics and found them to be thoughtful and a lot of people actually agreed with the anti-materialistic message. Either way, I didn't really care, I was a punk rocker from very early on so I've never been one to care about the status quo, plus I actually liked debating people for hours on end, I should've been a lawyer.