Friday, April 16, 2010

108 interview

108 is back... and how! Fuck, their new album "18:61" is one big hardcore explosion with some of the heaviest and most mellow parts these guys have ever written. Want to know where the songs get their intensity from? Just read this email interview we did with Vic DiCara...

PRT: Probably the question everyone wants to know more about… on your Wikipedia page it says ‘On March 23, 2010, before the release of 18.61, it was announced that Rob Fish had quit the band which led to the demise of the group’. What’s up with that?
Vic: Jesus fuck. It's on the god damned WIKIPEDIA page? What wikipedia page (anyway)? Yo. We have not broken up. Click here to read the scoop!

PRT: When you dropped “A New Beat From A Dead Heart” in 2007 you already said that it was more of a continuation of 108 rather than a reunion. Were there already plans back then for more albums?
Vic: yeah. no. we don't plan. we act. you can tell that we don't think things out - for better or for worse. we are making new music NOW.

PRT: We’re three years later and you’re back with a new album called “18.61”. What inspired all the activity these last years after a decade of silence?
Vic: It took a decade of silence to hold us back. Well, actually it took a decade of silence for things to MAKE SENSE. I'm not sure if people really understand what a mind trip it is to actually try to become enlightened and liberated from material existence. It is a huge, huge, huge thing. It took us a decade of silence to let the rubble fall into place and the dust to settle so we could see things clearly again and once again make progress in a way that the external world could see.

PRT: You guys live spread out all over the place. How hard is it to write an album that way and then to get together and record the whole thing in a single weekend?
Vic: It's not. It's fun. Most bands that live on the same block just noodle around all day long or whatever. Blah, boring. When we get together we explode and the big bang happens. It is more fun that way.