Thursday, July 28, 2005

About 108 Krishnacore band

Guitarist Vic DiCara, along with former Resurrection vocalist Rob Fish, was the driving engine behind 108, forming the East Coast-based band in 1992. DiCara was previously making waves on the West Coast with legendary hardcore metal group Inside Out, which also featured future Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha. The band was renowned for their frenetic live shows; their energy was captured in the studio on 1990's seminal No Spiritual Surrender EP. 108 furthered Inside Out's spiritual leanings in much more explicit terms, the direction an outgrowth of DiCara's study of Hinduism and professed adherence to the teachings of Hare Krsna. Despite being easy targets for criticism within the hardcore scene, 108 stayed true to their vision of devotional hardcore, releasing two EPs, two full-lengths, and a live album before breaking up in 1996. The band played their final show at CBGB's that summer, with DiCara returning to the area in summer 2001 to round out a new incarnation of Burn. ~ Matthew Isaac Kantor, All Music Guide