Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Omkara Promo CD and mp3

Omkara: Finally we have something for you to listen to. We have prepared 3 pieces, which give you a foretaste of our forthcoming (since what seems like forever) album. The tracks are not in their final version, thus they're labeled promo/demo.

Beneath you'll find these pieces in mp3 format recorded in good quality of 192kbps. If anyone should be interested in the CD itself, we will have it with us at Polish Woodstock Festival, and when we get back (and if there would be any left) you may still order it by writing to us at omkara@omkara.pl

1. Nadal Nie Wiemy (promo).mp3
2. Maya (promo).mp3
3. Maha Mantra (promo).mp3

Omkara official page (english)