Thursday, July 28, 2005

Madhava - Krishnacore from Argentina

It´s a Fact Defying your illusory statement I can prove - why your unhappiness I can assure how soon your misery will come when your plan fails … sooner or later you will be defeated in the stupid race of your attempt to be god You fail when you try to fill empty spaces (whit more emptiness) in your heart Your anxiety proportional to the oblivion of the one. Who provides your happiness? I see you strenghtless, demersed in a dream Strenghtless, crying and desperate trying to find what is not there Again you forgot. Again you try to find. Revolving in the thrash, where once were frustration. Did you think about being happy in front of the death? The diseace, the failure? Happiness… only if I'm with you oh!! Madhava Happiness….. Only in your eternal association oh!!! Madhava Happiness


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