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Hardcore Preaching

>It's not the hard-core music that does it at all. People may join
>because they like hardcore music, shelter, etc, but they soon leave
>again because Krishna consciousness is not at all about hardcore or
>being a rock star...

First of all I want to tell you, hardcore has nothing to do with being a rock star. That's what hardcore is all about rejecting the rock star attitude, not to drink, not to be a bastard. It's about taking care of your self and others. to show respect and compassion to all living things. It's not about being some star the feels his better than everyone else. i think you got it all wrong. If you had been to a hardcore show you would have understand.

>You will never become Krishna conscious by listening to hardcore
>music. It is sense gratification.

I think Ray Cappa (singer of Shelter), Vrahja kishor das (guitarist of 108), Porcell (guitariist of shelter) and a lot of others has proved that you can become Krishna conscious by listening to hardcore. What they practicly are doing is chanting but not to the ordinary Indian music but to hardcore punk music.

Hardcore Preaching

Nebozdes - Russia

Krishnacore compilation

Decision final - Krishnacore from Peru

Terror Zone "Self Realization" CD

Terror Zone "Self Realization" CD. Yet another great release from Gain Ground Records (Fury of V cd), is this TERROR ZONE CD. The cd has a few songs from the demo as well as a 2 songs from their 7" on Eye Ball records. Songs include: Dead Calm, In Mind, Self Realization, Killing Need and Lord Of Wrath. Call it Krishna if you want but the music is fuckin amazing. Ex singer Kevin from BULLDOZE really adds some meaning to the lyrics with music to back him up. If you're into the heavier sounding hardcore bands, pick this CD up.

Kashmir 9:41


MP3 - Kashmir

Hare Krishna (orginal verze ne z CD Cheated)
The Theatre (Divadlo)
Remember (Vzpomeň si)
Chci vidět dál
Už nechci
Burning (Požár)


Friday, July 29, 2005

108 Picture Gallery

108 to Play Hellfest 2005

Almost a decade after their final show at CBGB's in NYC, 108 will play a one-time set at Hellfest this year, on August 19 – 21 at the Trenton Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ.

Although the lives of the members of 108 have certainly changed the purpose of 108 remains the same: to play music that comes straight from the soul. We are playing a show again, ten years later, because we want the opportunity to once again transform our inner struggles, conflicts, and hopes into a form of music that pierces all illusions and awakens a mystical, spiritual awareness in ourselves and in our listeners.

Radheya, Krishnacore from Colombia

Opulencias y desdichas


Nyshynga has been playing for 5 years, but most of the members started to play earlier. The band has been vegetarian and drug-free since the very beginning. Nyshynga has recorded full length CD entitled "The highest class of killing" (If you want to buy it, write to us: and a demo CD which includes 5 songs. The process of recording "The highest class of killing" was finished in 2002, but the band didn't publish it on its own until this year.
In the songs from the band latest demo there is a female singer who has already become an integral part of the band. Nyshynga is trying to play as many concerts as possible and it doesn't matter if they take place in small clubs or they are big festivals.


VIDEO: Nyshynga-how can i

Fumbles In Life in Germany

Goloka chanting Japa

Photo Album

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Texas Is The Reason - Blue Boy

"Blue Boy"

So you're expecting me to just sit back down and let me pass this by. you want it all to be sussed out without ever really trying. maybe with you on my side, i'll be able to reach the sky. you think you finally figured it out. me, myself, i'll never learn. you think you finally figured me out. me, myself, i'll never learn. maybe with you on my side, we'll be able to reach the sky. you finally found me.

AUDIO: Blue boy

Interview: Porcell

It's human nature that people tend to fear what they don't understand. If you walk into a dark room, you'll feel anxiety because you don't know if there's anything in there that can hurt you or not, but as soon as you turn on the light and see that everything is fine, the anxiety goes. That's how I think it was with Shelter at first. People had no idea what the Krishna beliefs were, and unfairly labeled it a cult, boycotted shows, wrote inane crap about what they "thought" we were about in zines, etc. Over the years though people became much more accepting of it, to the point where practically every kid in the scene had neck beads on and "Krsnacore" became the rising wave. Basically I think kids took the time to read the lyrics and found them to be thoughtful and a lot of people actually agreed with the anti-materialistic message. Either way, I didn't really care, I was a punk rocker from very early on so I've never been one to care about the status quo, plus I actually liked debating people for hours on end, I should've been a lawyer.

Inner Revolution

The title INNER REVOLUTION represents the struggles that we face throughout our lives. We are torn between our original identities as spiritual beings and our temporary identities as material beings. This duality causes great pain and suffering. I find that the material ultimately leads us to more pain. This is what brought me to search for the spiritual. INNER REVOLUTION is about where my quest to find the spiritual has lead me, and some of my thoughts, realizations, and feelings that I have come across along the way.

Inner Revolution

Resplandor band from Colombia

Site in construction

Sitio en Español

Conciencia Electronic Zine

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Sitio en Español

Do All Cows Eat Grass? fanzine

Logo of Never Surrender

Sudarshana from Argentina

Mantra from Hungary


Direction disbanded in the fall of 2000. We would like to sincerely thank all the kids who got so excited about the band and supported us with so much sincerity, even though we never really got anywhere. Members of Direction can now be found in bands like Bones Brigade, Run Devil Run, and Soul Cries. Vishy is singing Vaishnava bhajans, beautiful as ever.


Never Surrender

Porcell / Vocals
Donny / Guitar
Ryan / Guitar
Scott / Bass
Nicky / Drums.

On a solid rock

MASKS from Steal It Back
LET IT DIE from Where Kids Don´t Play
DAYS OF THE DAISYCUTTER from Where Kids Don´t Play

On a solid rock

Parasurama Crew

Este grupo esta destinado para todos aquellos que sienten devocion por el Señor Krsna y que se sienten atraidos por la musica hardcore.
Intentaremos compartir realizaciones, noticias, organizar eventos y sobre todo, conocernos y hacer amistades para poder formentar la KC, y crecer como personas y en la vida espiritual.


Parasurama crew

Sitio en Español

Old Shelter web page

Prema Krishnacore band

Fumbles in life

Fumbles In Life after the good debut "The Gift of forever" (2003) and a change in the line-up with two new entries, are coming back with new songs and two of their well known classics ("The gift of forever" and "One lesson"). The new album "Communication wins" is the right compromise between ‘88/’89 straight edge hardcore (Youth Of Today and Insted) and the new school, very close to bands like The First Step, Champion and Face The Enemy. Fast tracks, powerful guitars and plenty of sing-a-longs... From the title track to the aggressive "Alone in the way out" and "Drugs kill" there’s no break; undoubtedly one of the new straight edge old school records that will be talked about, not only musically but for the topics dealed too.

Omkara people

First and foremost Omkra is the people – a small group of persons inspiring one another (though sometimes it looks completely inversely). In our opinion a home atmosphere in the band is a fundamental rule according to the music creation. The idyviduality of every each of us plays very important part – everyone has some special feature what influences on the entirety. So we would like to write a few words about everybody.

Omkara people

Madhava - Krishnacore from Argentina

It´s a Fact Defying your illusory statement I can prove - why your unhappiness I can assure how soon your misery will come when your plan fails … sooner or later you will be defeated in the stupid race of your attempt to be god You fail when you try to fill empty spaces (whit more emptiness) in your heart Your anxiety proportional to the oblivion of the one. Who provides your happiness? I see you strenghtless, demersed in a dream Strenghtless, crying and desperate trying to find what is not there Again you forgot. Again you try to find. Revolving in the thrash, where once were frustration. Did you think about being happy in front of the death? The diseace, the failure? Happiness… only if I'm with you oh!! Madhava Happiness….. Only in your eternal association oh!!! Madhava Happiness


Sitio en Español

Shelter - old interview and video

Ray cappo: For me as I wrote on the website, disaster is our destiny in the material world. we all must die. Our hearts go out. I know people who have personaly died. fans wrote that had loved ones or friends that we're lost. in tragic times it must not bury us but propell us to live today. My daily prayer is "Dear Lord please help me live today like it's my last day on earth in respect to my mind, body, spirituality, diet and relationships." If we die being the best person we can be there is no loss for us..

MP3: Shelter - in praise of others.mp3

In The Van Again (2000)
Don't Walk Away (2000)

Shelter – TV documentary from Passengers (UK TV 1996 – 14mins approx.)

Quicktime (262mb)
Windows Media (49mb)
Real (3.6mb)

Rencilla - Krishnacore from Panama

Sitio en Español

Safe - Make A Move - Krishnacore from Italy

1. Make A Move
2. Ego Trip
3. Without Your Guide
4. Nrsimha Prayers

Not Of This World Productions, 2004

About 108 Krishnacore band

Guitarist Vic DiCara, along with former Resurrection vocalist Rob Fish, was the driving engine behind 108, forming the East Coast-based band in 1992. DiCara was previously making waves on the West Coast with legendary hardcore metal group Inside Out, which also featured future Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha. The band was renowned for their frenetic live shows; their energy was captured in the studio on 1990's seminal No Spiritual Surrender EP. 108 furthered Inside Out's spiritual leanings in much more explicit terms, the direction an outgrowth of DiCara's study of Hinduism and professed adherence to the teachings of Hare Krsna. Despite being easy targets for criticism within the hardcore scene, 108 stayed true to their vision of devotional hardcore, releasing two EPs, two full-lengths, and a live album before breaking up in 1996. The band played their final show at CBGB's that summer, with DiCara returning to the area in summer 2001 to round out a new incarnation of Burn. ~ Matthew Isaac Kantor, All Music Guide


Shelter - Life After Near-Death

'What gives us pleasure frustrates us, and sometimes what is painful can bring us joy. The mind tends to do what's not going to help us. Example, if you get in a fight with someone, but you don't want to go up and say you're sorry. Even though that would make you feel best, your mind tells you to bear a grudge. Even though this accident was tragic, I felt I learnt more during and after it, than I ever did at school, y'know? About the false security of life. We think that if we have a good family life, or a good job, we think we're secure."

---- Extricate Fanzine

Sex machine - Woman

It's hard to believe how many raped women exist around us. They live with a monstrous load of the feeling of guilt and shame, with a stamp left by some brutal primitive, charged up with desire, being fed on the nourishment served by television, press, billboards, magazines etc., which create the hideous image of women not as a person, but as a senses' satisfier - sex machine.

The Ray and Porcell website

Run Devil Run Krishnacore band

Run Devil Run is a positive hardcore band formed in April of '98. The foundation of Run Devil Run's songs are based on the eastern philisophical teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. With common beliefs such as living a simple drug-free vegetarian lifestyle, Run Devil Run are dedicated to spreading this philosophy worldwide.

Run devil run page
Iscreamrecords page

Shelter fan site

Due to their melodic Hardcore and the lyrics, an absolutely positive feeling is created. The creative parts Ray Cappo and Porcell know each other already since former times in the legendary "Youth Of Today" (more at History) and formed the idea of Krishnacore (all bandmembers are devotees of hinduism).

The positive atmosphere also results out of their straight edge living, which means they reject the usage of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. Just positive thinking!

Shelter fan site

Shelter - When 20 Summers Pass review

In the world of seemingly endless rock ‘n’ roll sub-genres, here's another one to add to the list: Krishnacore. Former Youth of Today kingpins Ray and Porcell are certainly the primary progenitors of this genre, which supports straightedge living, vegetarianism, a sober consciousness and respect for each other. Whether that interests you or not, Shelter's music is still worthy of mention.

If you’re selling diamonds, don’t expect too many customers

"Krishnacore," which mixes hardcore punk music with Hare Krishna values, was started in New York City. Like their Jewish and Christian counterparts, krishnacore musicians see it as a means to provide enlightening messages within powerful music.

"I just think that there’s always going to be people who want something a little more inspirational, which is the music I like to make," says John Porcelly, 34, former guitarist for Shelter, a krishnacore band.


As the 70’s punk revolution moved into the 80’s a number of punk and American hardcore youth became increasingly dissatisfied with the anarchic and nihilistic philosophy that had permeated the scene since the revolution first swept forth from streets of London. Seeing so many of those around them descend into downward spirals of drugs, sex and self-abuse, some individuals began to coalesce into an internal counter scene. These teens began to form their own bands, write their own music and expound their own basic philosophy based on abstaining from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, illicit sex and, often, meat.

Ashé Journal

Omkara, Krishnacore from Poland

First video footage from (Polish) Woodstock

Which happens to be also the first videoclip of Omkara ever. We should get more video samples from the Woodstock concert, but for the time being we give you "Maya". The quality is poor, the sound badly recorded, nonetheless, it's better than nothing.

» omkara-maya_prz-woodstock04.mpg (13mb)

Omkara official web page
english version

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Hare Krishna Hard Core

"We don't just do it to put out this positive spiritual message," adds Porcell. "We do it for our own purification. You can't just shout all these slogans. There's a method to changing your consciousness. That's what yoga's all about." Porcell compares Shelter's thunderous growl to the sacred bhajans the devotees sing for hours in temple. "The music is much heavier, but I find it's the same kind of feeling. Onstage, I'm meditating on the lyrics. Five hundred years ago, when these traditional bhajans were written by the great acharyas, the mood was the same, except they used old drums and cymbals. Its almost like we're doing bhajans for the 90s."